Who we are

We are the Groninger Studenten IJshockey Vereniging The Bulldogs.
Since we were founded in 1991, we offer students in Groningen the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful sport. Experienced or not, all students are welcome to join, develop their skills and be part of the team.

Our main goal is to have fun. We compete in the national student league, a non-checking league with 6 student teams from all over the country. We try to come together as a group both on and off the ice, build friendships that last a lifetime and show everyone what it means to be a hockeyplayer.

We practice twice a week and try to come together as a team as much as we can. Our practices are on Wednesdays (22.30-23.30) and Sundays (20.00-21.00) whereafter we sometimes go out for drinks in the beautiful city of Groningen!

What we offer

• 2 practices per week (wed+sun)
• 10 league games per season
• Alumni game
• Various friendly games
• NSK (National Student Championship)
• Annual Night Tournament
• Weekly social activities

What we look for in new members

We only ask that you have fun and put in the effort. Hard work is the key to improve yourself and the team, on and off the ice.

Are you interested in icehockey and do you love partying? Do you want to be part of a great team? Send us an e-mail on with your name and if you have any hockey experience or not, and you could become part of our beautiful organisation and legacy.

Gear and other costs

In order to play icehockey, you need a lot of equipment. We have club equipment available for you to try out but if you decide commit yourself to the team and our cause, you have to buy your own (second-hand) gear. The most important piece of equipment is a decent pair of (new) skates, which on average will cost you about €150-€200. If available, you will be able to rent a full suit from us for the year, in which time we will help you obtain cheap, second hand gear if necessary.

The contribution costs for the organisation are €250 per full season. We use this money and the subsidies we get from the ACLO to pay for icetime and participation in the student competition (including away games). You will also have to purchase an ACLO card, which in return gives you access to many other facilities. Tournaments and other (social) events are at own costs.

We offer flexible payment plans for those who need it and do everything we can to help keep everyones participation financially sustainable.