Floorballers on ice

Last sunday we had our friends over from U.C. Face Off, the Groningen Student Floorball Association.

From the start you could tell that the hockey blood & spirit runs through their veins. After getting familiar with the slippery surface, they had no problem settling in with the crowd.

Getting dressed
Getting dressed
First touch
First touch on the ice
Post-practice Toast

Floorball (unihockey) is one of the fastest indoor sports there is. It originated in Sweden as the summer variant of ice hockey. It is played with sticks made of carbon and with a boarding surrounding the field.

Face Off is one of the oldest floorball associations of The Netherlands. They have a rich history and have been national champions with both the ladies’ and gents’ teams. The association has also been cup winner multiple times and has provided the national teams with players. But Face Off is not just about winning: they are a very tight and fun association!