Game Report: Icehawks vs Bulldogs

Sunday October 24th 2021, The Bulldogs played their first game of the new season. In Eindhoven, our longterm rival The Icehawks was the opponent. Despite taking the lead multiple times, the Bulldogs ran out of steam in the third period, and ended with a hard-fought 8-4 loss.

After every game, we recognize the game’s Most Valueable Player of our team and honor their efforts and achievements.
The first Bulldogs MVP of the 2021-2022 season is none other than our beloved goaltender Paul Kelly!


“I was super happy to be picked as MVP for our first game. Even though it was a loss, i’m happy with how we played. I think we left it all on the ice and I’m proud of the work we put in.”

“We kept up with them really well through the first two periods, but by the end of the second we were super bagged trying to keep up with their larger lineup, since Eindhoven was playing at home and had extra lines. I think we could have solidly beaten them if we had a bit more left in the tank. I suppose I played alright, and had some really good streaks of goalkeeping near the end. I learned what I need to work on too. I guess we’ll see what happens when they play us again.”