First Practice 2021-2022

We are glad to announce that after the far to long Covid-lockout, we will soon be resuming to practice and getting ready for the 2021-2022 30th anniversary season.

The rink, which is currently still in use as a test / vaccination location, will be getting iced up on Saturday the 25th of September. Which means that the day after, on Sunday the 26th we will finally get back to our beloved game, friends and social activities.

We hope to welcome a lot of new members this year, and strenghten the brotherhood with the people who already joined previously. We might even be able to welcome back some former Bulldogs Legends & Alumni, but possibly more on that later!

In summary: Enjoy the last days of hibernation boys, girls and everything in between. For in just over 2 weeks, the cage will be reopened and the beast will be unleashed.

Dennis van Kooten

Lorenzo Remmerswaal

Karel Heijs